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Problem/Solution Essay

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Bullying / final draft
It’s horrible to watch. You see kids running and hiding everyday starting when they get off the bus till they are safely dropped off at their house after school. So many kids hate coming to school now because they are always being picked on. It makes me sad to see a kid being picked on in the halls. No matter what people do to try and stop it, they just keep on doing it. It starts right when they get on the bus early in the morning. They are just minding their own business and not looking for trouble, but it doesn’t matter. Kids think that just because a kid is really smart or maybe looks a little weird they deserve to be picked on. They get spit wads thrown at them or get tripped on their way to a seat. Nobody lets the kid sit with them and then he’s stuck sitting by himself. It’s not right.
I see kids sitting by themselves at lunch time or not talking to anybody during classes or passing periods. They are outcasts. Since they get bullied no one really tries talking to that person, scared that they may be the next victim. There should be more done to stop this from happening. When kids are bullied during school they sometimes grow up still scared that they might be bullied at anytime. Sometimes it could even cause suicide. The kids go through all their school years being bullied or teased and growing up with a life like that can really suck. If they don’t have a really good life outside of school either then they grow up feeling lonely and like they don’t belong here. They’re sad and upset because it had to happen to them and they think they don’t belong here and if that continues they could eventually cause suicide.
It’s horrible to think that these kid’s lives have been ruined all because they got bullied. If they never got bullied they could have had a much better life. They could have had friends and been involved in more activities. They wouldn’t be afraid of the outside world and they would never commit suicide. Something needs to be done about this. No kid deserves this kind of treatment during their lives. They shouldn’t be picked on just because they’re the smartest kid in the school or don’t exactly look like the rest of us. It shouldn’t matter! They’re still just like the rest of us, they might be just a little different. No one out there deserves this. If more kids would just stand up to the bullies, and tell them to back off then they might not do it anymore. Even if that doesn’t help, at least try to be friends with the kids. The bullies might stop the bullying if they see that the kids are still going on with their lives and not letting the bullying get to them. We do need to do something about it so these kid’s lives don’t get ruined. Just think about it: if you were the one being picked on you would want other people to still talk to you and you would want the bullying stopped. So don’t let these other kids go through something you wouldn’t want to go through. Do something about it to make it stop.

personal narrative final draft

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Personal Narrative Final Draft Kristina Doty
It was the beginning of August and my family and I were camping at out favorite camping place, Lake Lebaron. It’s the same week as my daddy’s birthday and he loves camping so for his birthday every year we go up to Lake Lebaron and stay there for a few days. We started it a couple years ago and have kept doing it every since. Since we started doing it some other family members have been going up there the same week also. It’s now a family reunion we are going to do every year. Not many people got to come up this year. It was only my family and I, my uncle Dennis, his son Aaron, and Aaron’s two kids Kyler, and Devri. After a couple of days my dad, uncle Dennis and Aaron were going to go down to the town Beaver that was close by. My cousin Kyler had another camp he was at that just finished so he was coming up here with us now. They wouldn’t be gone long. So they left, which left me with my mom, my two little brothers, and my other cousin Devri. It was a nice day but kind of chilly, so we decided to go in the camper my uncle had brought up with him. My mom and brother got bored after a while. All we’ve been doing is playing UNO the whole time. “Let‘s go for a walk.” my mom said.
It was a nice day for walk but I really didn’t feel up to it. “Nah I don’t feel like it. Go ahead without us, I‘ll watch the two little ones.”
I looked down at my little brother and Devri and they both smiled at me. My other brother, David, wanted to go for a walk with mom.
“Okay your brother and I will be back soon.” Then they both walked outside and disappeared in the trees.
“So, you guys want to play some more UNO?” I asked.
“Sure!” They both yelled. So we played some more UNO for a while longer.

After playing UNO for about another half an hour, and getting beat by two little kids to many times, I started getting bored. I looked out the window, wishing everyone would hurry up and get back soon. It was kind of boring without them all here. I mean, you can only play UNO with two little kids that get upset every time they lose for so long. I looked around the room and saw one of the walkie-talkies my dad had brought up here. I had it in here in case I needed to use it to get a hold of mom. I had made my mom and brother take one, just incase. I went over to it and picked it up. I talked into it to try to get talk to mom. “Hey! How are you guys doing?” I said into the walkie-talkie.
When they answered back it wasn’t my mom talking. “Just fine until you started talking!” It was my brother yelling at me. I guess he had it and not my mom.
“Okay you don’t need to be mean. Can I talk to mom?”…..nothing. “Hey are you there?” Still nothing. What’s going on? Finally, after what seemed like an hour, my mom answered me back. When she talked she sounded like she was really out of breath. “We‘re running! Bear!” She yelled. At first I couldn’t even understand her.
“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” At first there was nothing. I was really starting to get scared. Questions were flooding my head. What was going on with them? Why is she yelling? Why does she sound out of breath? Where were they? I was getting ready to yell back again when she finally spoke up.
“I said we‘re running! Bear! B-E-A-R bear!” I finally understood her.

My mouth dropped and my stomach turned. I almost dropped the walkie-talkie. I looked down at the two little kids who were looking at me with curiosity. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I mean I’ve heard of bears that have been around here before, but one hasn’t been seen in quite a while.
“Mom! Mom! Whe-where are you? Mom answer me!” I was seriously close to tears. I didn’t know what to do. There was nothing I could do! My dad and uncle were both gone. They both had guns, but they’re not really useful when they’re both gone. Even if they were here I didn’t know where they were! Then I looked outside and saw my little brother running out of the trees. I was so happy I could see him, but then I was expecting a bear to come running out of the trees after him. Then I realized my mom wasn’t with him. I ran outside to him and stopped him from running into the camper. He was seriously out of breath and couldn’t even talk for a second. “David, what happened? Where’s mom?” He seemed to be shaking, and I didn’t realize at the time that it was from trying not to laugh. I didn’t pay enough attention at the time. I didn’t care. I just wanted to see my mom. I looked up and saw my mom come running out of the trees the same place I saw David run out. There was no bear behind her and I looked at David to ask him what the heck happened when I finally noticed that he was laughing. When my mom got to us she was also laughing. This was sooo not funny! Apparently they thought it would have been funny to pull a prank on me. They honestly had no idea how freaked out I had been.
“Sorry Kristina, we thought it would have been funny.” I didn’t talk to them for the rest of the day.


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Hunter and Huntee

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i personally disagree with the statement. i dont think the world was made with hunters and huntees. there are people that hunt and then the people that dont. not everybody is a hunter or a huntee. i know i am not a hunter or a huntee. i dont like hunting and i have not been hunted. but clealy there are animals that we hunt but that does not mean that the whole world is made of hunters and huntees.

the lottery

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I think that the townspeople felt so strongly about the lottery because they’ve been doing it for so long now that it wouldn’t feel right if they just decided not to do it anymore. Just like traditions we have here now. It would feel wierd not putting up Christmas trees or not giving presents out every year on Christmas. Or for Halloween, it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t see people running around getting candy and saying ‘trick-or-treat.’ So since we’ve been doing all these traditions for so long we’re so use to them and don’t really want to stop doing them every year.

Hello world!

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